Watch the interview with filmmaker Karina Epperlein and protagonist Imani Scruggs on WKYC Channel 3 News – Cleveland

Listen to the interview with Alchemy founder Dr. Kwame Scruggs, protagonist Brandyn Costa and director Karina Epperlein on WAKR The Jasen Sokol Show

“When people see the film, some say, ‘What this brought up for me is my secret stereotypes, but in your film, I don’t see those images.”
–Director Karina Epperlein, along with Brandyn Costa, Darius Simpson and Stacee Starr, in a discussion about racism in America with Rose Aguilar of
KALW 91.7 Your Call

“Everybody listens: eyes open, ears open, present. That was really was one of the most impressive things for me.” –Director Karina Epperlein in conversation with Ben Trefny of KALW 91.7 Crosscurrents