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NEW: We are happy to announce the release of our home-use DVD for Finding the Gold Within. The film makes for great discussions with friends and family, or give it as a gift.

The price is $35 (incl. shipping & handling) for home use ONLY.
For classroom use, pleaseclick here

Now, more than ever, conversations about race, education, and equality are of utmost importance, as they allow us to find motivation to participate in our currently at-risk democracy. The voices of these young men give us hope for change and the courage to speak truth to power.


“Extremely topical… at times inspiring and funny, at other times heartbreaking and disturbing, and always fascinating… some of the most frank discussions about what it means to be black in America that I have ever heard.” –Pete Crooks, writer Diablo Magazine Interview

Finding the Gold Within is one of the best films I’ve ever seen about the challenges facing African-American males in our society.” –Mark Phillips, Edutopia

“Finding the Gold Within is one of the truly timely things happening in our country. Karina, with poetic grace, considerable grit and meticulous attention, gathers in a feature-length film the rich lives of six young Black men. What I love about this work is the way Karina steps deeply into these stories and the lives of these young men. Yet, as close as Karina gets (and this is the magic!) she simultaneously gets out of the way. I had the good fortune to spend a weekend with her when she was filming some of the sacred circle work with Alchemy, Inc. in Akron, OH. Holding the camera, I saw she was at once light on her feet and unflinchingly steady.” John Fox, author of the book “Finding What You Didn’t Lose: Expressing Your Truth and Creativity Through Poem-Making”, and Founder of The Institute for Poetic Medicine Kirkridge Retreat Center Newsletter