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Finding the Gold Within invites audiences to experience what it means to be a young black man navigating through college. The film lends itself as a platform for discussions about stereotypes, race, inequality, education, and masculinity. Guest appearances by the film’s protagonists turn screenings into impactful events.

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Finding the Gold Within is one of the best films I’ve ever seen about the
challenges facing African-American males in our society, one that I strongly
recommend to teachers, but also to anyone who appreciates excellent
–Mark Phillips,


“The conversations with these young men feature some of the most frank discussions about what it means to be black in America that I have ever heard.” –Pete Crooks, writer Diablo Magazine Interview

“This is a must see for anyone currently working with young men of color.” –Jorge Melgoza, Vice Principal, Berkeley High School, CA


“Your film is a masterpiece. I shed tears as its first words insist the white viewer wake up to the truth that’s been always around us. The film’s “terrible beauty” lies in my loving admiration for men whom I fear could – and pray won’t be – the next arbitrary racial violence victims. But you wisely, through film, hold up the way individuals empower themselves to better the world where they are.”
Mike McQuillan coordinated the Crown Heights Coalition’s healing work after the 1991 racial crisis in Brooklyn, New York. A former U.S. Senate aide and Peace Corps Volunteer, he teaches history at the Brooklyn School for Global Studies.