“A beautiful and moving documentary about young black males finding their ‘gold within’.” –Video Librarian

“Highly Recommended…an extraordinary film, worthy of the widest possible audience…Director Karina Epperlein deftly crafts a searching portrait of each young man, with his victories, struggles and dreams.” Educational Media Reviews Online

“…Moving and potent film…told by voices that are honest, affecting, and inspiring. …Alive with hope, this film gives a voice to each young man’s struggles and triumphs and demonstrates how he finds the power to beat his own drum.” –School Library Journal

“If you were creating a fictional film, you couldn’t come up with better lead characters or actors.” –Mark Phillips, Teacher and Educational Journalist, Edutopia

“…superior direction, cinematography and editing. Epperlein has created a polished film that is beautiful to watch and engages the viewer with the intimacy established between the filmmaker and her six main subjects.” –Mark Phillips, Marin Independent Journal

“I believe that this film shows not only what the adolescent black male is capable of, but also how these micro-aggressions affect us in our day-to-day lives.” –Protagonist Imani Scruggs quoted in an article by Rich Heldenfels, Akron Beacon Journal

“Inspiring, heartbreaking, and unflinchingly honest, this film is not just about the journeys these men must take, but the journeys we all must share to bring about change.” –Clint Rohrbacher, Cleveland International Film Festival write-up

“This beautifully shot film leaves viewers with a feeling of concrete hope and awe for the young men who are its subjects, as we see them become articulate spokespersons for their developing values of community and integrity.” –Big Muddy Film Festival, John Michaels Award

“….in this intimate and poetic film…” –Michael Fox, film critic Mill Valley Film Festival writeup

“Extremely topical… at times inspiring and funny, at other times heartbreaking and disturbing, and always fascinating. The conversations with these young men feature some of the most frank discussions about what it means to be black in America that I have ever heard.”
–Pete Crooks, writer Diablo Magazine Interview