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MARCH 20, 2015 » Cleveland International Film Festival

Friday, March 20, at 7 pm, Akron-Summit County Public Library, Akron, Ohio. Reception at 5:30 pm.

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MARCH 21, 2015 » Cleveland International Film Festival

Saturday, March 21, at 4:45 pm, Tower City Cinemas, Cleveland, Ohio. See the flyer!

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MARCH 22, 2015 » Live Theatrical Performance of The Gold Within – Feel Us!

Sunday, March 22, at 4 pm, Heights Christian Church, Shaker Heights, Ohio. See the flyer!

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MARCH 23, 2015 » Cleveland International Film Festival FilmSlam

Monday, March 23, at 9:30 am, Tower City Cinemas, Cleveland, Ohio

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MARCH 24, 2015 » Free Community Screening

Tuesday, March 24, at 3 pm, Regal Cinema Montrose Theatre, Akron, Ohio


“With a lens that is both arrestingly artistic and at base sympathetic – this film is a portrait of young black males navigating through an unsympathetic world.  It never succumbs to clichés that romanticize or dramatize, but provides a rare platform for the quiet voices of those in the experience.”   Troy Duster, Emeritus Chancellor’s Professor of Sociology, UC Berkeley  


FEBRUARY 2015 » Release of Educational DVD by Video Project for Black History Month          To order: Click here!

                                 Release of Educational Streaming by Kanopy for Black History Month          To order: Click here!


FEBRUARY 28, 2015 » Big Muddy Film Festival

Winner of the 2015 John Michaels Award for peace and social justice

Saturday, February 28, at 3 pm, John Michaels Award Showcase, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois

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JANUARY 20, 2015 » Berkeley FILM Foundation Screening Series at The New Parkway Theater

Tuesday, January 20, at 7 pm at The New Parkway Theater 474 24th St, Oakland, 94612 (510) 658-7900

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JANUARY 17, 2015 » Pacifica Graduate Institute Screening

Saturday, January 17th, at 7:30 pm as part of the  “Coming Home 2015” alumni weekend.

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NOVEMBER 4, 2014 » Berkeley FILM Foundation Screening Series at The New Parkway Theater

Tuesday, November 4th, at 7 pm at The New Parkway Theater 474 24th St, Oakland, 94612 (510) 658-7900


OCTOBER 3, 2014 » WORLD PREMIERE | Mill Valley Film Festival

Please join us on Friday, October 3rd, at 8 pm at the 2014 Mill Valley Film Festival as Karinafilms presents the WORLD PREMIERE of Finding the Gold Within. Second screening on Saturday, October 4th, at 8 pm. SOLD OUT!

ADDED screening: Sunday, October 12th, at 4:15 pm, San Rafael Theatre

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“Highly Recommended…an extraordinary film, worthy of the widest possible audience…Director Karina Epperlein deftly crafts a searching portrait of each young man, with his victories, struggles and dreams.” –Barbara J. Walter, Reviewer,  Educational Media Reviews Online

“…Moving and potent film…told by voices that are honest, affecting, and inspiring. …Alive with hope, this film gives a voice to each young man’s struggles and triumphs and demonstrates how he finds the power to beat his own drum.” –School Library Journal

“When people see the film, some say, ‘What this brought up for me is my secret stereotypes, but in your film, I don’t see those images.’”
–Director Karina Epperlein, along with Brandyn Costa, Darius Simpson and Stacee Starr, in a discussion about racism in America with Rose Aguilar of KALW 91.7 Your Call

“Everybody listens: eyes open, ears open, present. That was really was one of the most impressive things for me.” –Director Karina Epperlein in conversation with Ben Trefny of KALW 91.7 Crosscurrents

“….in this intimate and poetic film…” Michael Fox, film critic  MVFF write-up

“Extremely topical… at times inspiring and funny, at other times heartbreaking and disturbing, and always fascinating. The conversations with these young men feature some of the most frank discussions about what it means to be black in America that I have ever heard.”  –Pete Crooks, writer  Diablo Magazine Interview

“I really thought this might be a film where I could make deep connections and show the young men in a very different light than we normally see them in the media.” –Director Karina Epperlein in  SF Chronicle’s Datebook



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